Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge

Are you expecting something special or unique?

At Live Experience VIP, we make the difference and we can bring everything you have in mind because our Concierge level is a quest for the best of what we can offer, interacting with a goal of surfacing the best in customers. 

This experience is a white-glove level of service designed to elicit next-level customer loyalty, delivering experiences that are value and unique, not just value added.

For Live Experience VIP the follow-up is as vital as start-up because it signals genuine care, not superficial assistance.

Live Experience VIP is for you:

  • A Personal Pro-Active Service Tailored to You
  • Your personal guide
  • Access an Expert’s Insider Knowledge and Skills: Mexican souvenirs or special branding presents, private tours and activities, birthday cakes, fresh flowers arrangements, romantic dinners, restaurants buyouts, catering, amenities, live entertainment, surprises, private drivers, Chefs, butlers, babysitters and much more.

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