Box Lunch and Amenities

Bag Dry Snack


  • Small dry snacks / Trailmix
  • Small assorted chips bag
  • 1 Fresh fruit

Presented in a nice kraft bag

Cheap & Chips

Lean Ham or Turkey breast Deli & Monterrey Jack cheese or Manchego cheese and artisanal homemade baguette   6´


  • Assorted potato chips bag
  • Mayonnaise, Mustard aside

Presented in a nice kraft bag

Box Lunch Deli Sandwich o Baguette

Options available: Homemade baguette Or Sandwich

Deli Turkey breast with Monterrey cheese Or Manchego cheese Or Pork Ham Lean Deli with Monterrey cheese or Manchego cheese


  • Granola bar O Choco Chips ( homemade)
  • Plain chips bag
  • 1-Fresh fruit
  • Juice or small assorted flavor soda
  • Aside: Mayonnaise, Mustard.

Box Lunch Deli Baguette

Options available: Homemade baguette 6¨

Deli Turkey smoked breast with Monterrey cheese Or Manchego cheese Or Roast Beef with Manchego cheese Or Pork Ham Lean with Monterrey cheese or Manchego cheese


  • 1 homemade sweet treat
  • 1 Breakfast burrito ( Mexican Shredded beef , Scrambled eggs or Bean w/regional cheese)
  • 1 Assorted chips small bag
  • 1  Fresh fruit
  • Aside: mayonnaise, mustard

Box Lunch Deluxe Hogaza bread/Baguette

Please note: We highly recommend the consumption in the morning. The quality and freshness of the chicken is very important

Parmiggliano Chicken breast with basil organic pesto (homemade) and parmesano cheese   


  • Home Made Chips Cookie
  • 1 small chips Bag  ( assorted)
  • 1 Fresh fruit
  • Orange or apple Juice or small coke soda in can

Box Lunch Deluxe croissant or focaccia

Smoke deli turkey breast Or Roast Beef (low sodium) and cheese (Provolone  Or manchego Or Gouda) Croissant Or Focaccia  ( Homemade)


  • Homemade Choco chip cookie
  • Plain chips Bag 
  • 1-  Fresh fruit 
  • deli crudité ( jicama, carrot and cucumber) &  homemade dressing
  • Orange or apple Juice

Box Lunch traditional Mexican Burritos

(3 Medium pieces) Homemade Flour tortilla

Option available:   Scramble eggs with ham and cheese Or Shredded beef with onion and potatoe Or Baja Style Shredded beef  (Poblano pepper, potato, onion, tomato)  Traditional Baja dish


  • Homemade choco chip cookie
  • Assorted small chips Bag
  • 1 Fruit
  • 1 orange or apple Juice

Box Lunch croissant & artisanal bread

Option available:  Homemade Croissant with deli smoked turkey breast and Monterrey Jack or Manchego cheese Or artisanal bread with lean pork ham, monterrey jack or Manchego cheese


  • 1 fruit
  • 1 granola bar
  • 1 small chips bag ( assorted)
  • orange or apple juice or small soda
  • Asides: mayonnaise  and  mustard

Sweet moment-Artisanal homemade bread

Options available to choose:  (3 pieces) for 2 persons

  • chocolate-organic cocoa concha Or vanilla concha Or real orange concha Or  chopped real cinnamon concha
  • Cinammon glazed rolls


  • 2 fruit
  • 2 orange or apple juice
  • 2 cold bottle coffee or three small plain milk

Box Lunch Mexican baked empanadas

Smoke deli turkey breast Or Roast Beef (low sodium) and cheese (Provolone  Or manchego Or Gouda) Croissant Or Focaccia  ( Homemade)


  • (3 pieces)  artisanal homemade baked empanadas- Please choose option
  • Organic veggie: veggie ( mushroom, red pepper, green pepper, zuchini, red carrot, yellow carrot and orange carrot)
    • Shredded beef – Baja Style- (poblano pepper, potato, onion, tomato) 
    • Ground beef with potato and parsley
    • Ground beef with potato and parsley
    • Cochinita Pibil ( Yucatan dish-Pork, purple onion, axiote) 
    • Tinga  ( shredded chicken breast, onion, tomato)
  • Real Apple sweet 


  • Assorted small chips Bag
  • Fruit
  • Orange or apple Juice
  • Homemade Choco chip cookie
  • Plain chips Bag 
  • 1-  Fresh fruit 
  • deli crudité ( jicama, carrot and cucumber) &  homemade dressing
  • Orange or apple Juice

Box Lunch and Amenities

At Live Experience VIP we help you to enhance your experiences, we have many options to upgrade your cravings from a regular box lunch to an amazing experience of catering.

Visit our regular Box Lunch menu and include it into your activity Or at the airport if you did not have the time to eat something Mexican.

We can work based on your desires, if we do not have it in our menu, we can cook it for you. 

Our food and fresh waters are artisanal, homemade, some of them organic, no preservatives and the most important: we take care of hygiene and quality in all our products.

For Special requests, please contact us and we can do whatever you have in mind.

Visit our menus and if you do not like them, make your own box lunch if you prefer, just let us know and can customize it for you….

Important notes:

  • All our bakery is fresh and homemade. 
  • All natural, not preservatives, essences are used
  • Our dressings, recipes and vegetables are organic
  • Available gluten free bread or vegan/gluten free box lunch 
  • Special requests are subject to additional charge:
  • Artisanal cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes and sweet bread are available
  • Prices are usd and includes the 16% federal tax 

Our lunches or breakfast are presented in a special box for lunch or nice kraft bag according the activity – order selected

Our materials are biodegradable and friendly to the environment

Payment & Cancelation polices

Select, order & purchase
Please order with a minimum of 8 days prior your activity in order to guarantee the best quality in products. Cancelations without penalty to receive at least 5 days before of the first delivery